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Meet The Team

My infatuation with videography began at a young

age watching outdoor videos on our family VHS player. Watching the hunts over and over again never got old, and started a fire inside of me to capture similar memories on my own.


I was gifted a camcorder at the age of 14 and it just escalated from there. Although the hunting industry is my true passion, I am here to serve you with any photography and videography needs, and specialize in social media management.


Brides, mamas, ladies...are you looking for a go-to girl that can help with your photography and videography needs?


I'm Melissa and I specialize in wedding videography and mini photo sessions. I enjoy working with brides through the wedding planning stages and love getting playful with kiddos during family mini sessions. If you're looking for quality work with superior communication and coordination, you're absolutely in the right place! 


From a very young age I’ve had a camera glued to my hands. Whether it was documenting an outdoor adventure or a family endeavor, cinematography has always compelled me to capture

life's greatest moments. 

Not only do I enjoy hitting the record button as a producer, I’m also passionate about bringing a story to life through my time editing behind the computer. 
Although I specialize in post production, my years of experience behind the lens have prepared me to best serve your needs, whatever the project may be! 


Ross BSM Photo.jpg

Hi, my name is Ross Weeks. I've been obsessed with capturing outdoor memories my whole life. I love sharing those memories with others. My best trait is that I'm always ready and eager to learn. I enjoy watching hunting shows, documentaries and short films. My favorite part of these stories is how they get pieced back together and feel the same as when they happened in real life. The hunting industry is where my heart is at, but I have the skills to provide any of your videography, photography and post production needs.


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